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Friday, July 15, 2005

Guess what everyone... I got pierced!

Okay, so it was only a second set of holes in my ears, but still. It was semi-traumatic, okay?

Chastity and I decided to go to ~cue dramatic music~ the mall yesterday. Now, she just got her second holes in may or so, and we have both been talking about it for the past couple years. So, we were there and she was just like, "Shut and and do it Virtue."

So we walked into Claire's and got my ear's pierced a second time.

It didn't hurt really (I was only about 3 when my first holes were made, so I don't really remember it) but the chick that pierced them was a, well, not very nice kind of stuck up tramp.

I asked for the white gold 3mm balls (the cheapest studs available, since I was just going to switch them out when I got home for some pink diamond ones) and the bimbo can't find any. So she goes into the back and comes back with the little box. She never actually shows them to me, but repeats that "You wanted the white gold, right?" "

"Yep" I say back.

She puts the purple dots on my ear and holds the mirror in front of me (which did virtually no good anyway since she's really bad at holding a mirror so you can see yourself in it) So I had Chastity do the are-they-even-check. After a curt nod from her I say, "Okay, looks good."

Madame peroxide blonde with fake highlights puts the gun to my ear and *click*

I fell a twince of sting and then some burning sensations as she switches to the right ear and *click* I'm done. She flips the mirror up for me to see for like, a second, then puts it away quickly and gets my stuff for me to come to the counter to pay. The kit I ordered was 19.00.

"That'll be 42.66."

Now, somewhere in my head, the optomist in me is thinking she's just joking. Then, the working college student in me thinking, Jesus, how many hidden fees can you have for an ear piercing? Does she work on commission or something?! Then, the retail employee in me is thinking, what exactly did she charge me for. I want to see a list or something. You know, official documentation that it's 42.66.

"Why is it so much?" I ask. I'm just about sure I would have been laughing at the look on my face is I could have seen it. Think lost puppy, naive child, and disgruntled customer all in one.

16 oz. Piercing antiseptic...........................$ 10.88
Cost of piercing............................................ $5.00
14 k white gold diamond stud..................$24.95
Tax...................................................... $1.83
Look on my face when snotty asst. manager tells me that brings the total to 42.66... Priceless

"14 k white gold diamond stud?!" I squeak. "I asked for the white gold 3mm ball." Silently, to myself, I added, how the heck do you mix those two up? Are you on crack! Then the thought occured to me that I had just gotten my ears pierced by a crack addict because by the look that came across her face when I said that she had mixed the two of them up.

Now, I'm usually understanding about things. And at least she didn't screw up the actually holes themselves y'know? But if I wanted to pay 40 bucks to get my ears pierced I would have gone to a professional at a tattoo parlor, not some washed out crackhead at Claires.

"Well," she says , "I have to charge you for those."

Like hell! I stare her down good and hard. "These aren't what I asked for. How can you charge me for them when you gave me the wrong product?" I'm thinking to myself, there's got to be some kind of law against this that I could use if I have to go to court and involve the authorities. Can you sue your ear-piercer for malpractice, or maybe misleading practices. Hmm.... I stare her down some more. She gets the manager.

This is where it gets all peotic justice-y. I have worked at Kohl's for a little over two years. The current manager of Claires is one of my former co-workers at Kohl's. Now, we're not best friends, but we were on good terms when she left. Ms. Asst. Manager explains the situation and my former co-worker just looks at her and is like, "If that's what she asked for and you screwed up you have to give them to her for the price of what she wanted." I wish I had a camera phone. I would have taken a picture of her face, made a t-shirt out of it that said "get your ears pierced by a crackhead," and handed them out in front of Claire's whenever she was working.

She rerung my purchase and didn't say anything else to me after she gave me my new total.


So, now I have these really awesome 14k white gold diamond studs instead of plain old balls. The sad thing is, for a moment, I felt really bad that she messed up. I didn't really want to screw them out of twenty bucks. I work in retail, so I know how people try to cheat the system. However, when I realized what a bonafide you-know-what she was (think alliteration poeple) , I kind of hope maybe she's done the same dumb thing before and is going to get in trouble for being such a stiff to customers.

Anyway... I am glad to have finally gotten them pierced and they are doing fairly well so far. When they were pierced as a kid I had a really bad reaction to them (We thought I had metal sensitivity, but now I wonder if it wasn't just imporoper cleaning and maintenence. Guess I'll find out...) but seeing as my ears haven't fallen off yet I think I'll live.

I guess if a few weeks go by and I don't have any knew posts you'll know that you should start wearing black armbands or something...

hehe... just kidding... sort of...

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