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Monday, September 19, 2005

Still breathing...

So I thought this school year would be not so hectic.... ha!

I've had clinicals (where I sit and observe a classroom to see what it's going to be like when I'm a teacher) three days a week this term plus the five classes I'm taking. Which, since we're on tri-mesters, we're only supposed to take three-four at the very most.

I'm going to spontaneously combust or something.

I can't even make it to Belvidere this weekend for an event.

I know, I know. School first and all, but still....... I've been doing Belvidere for a long time. It's hard to miss an event. But there's no way I could go and manage to stay on top of my homework. I've got to prepare lessons to teach and two research projects.

I know when I'm a teacher this will all pay off, but right now it sucks major... yeah.. you know what.

Uhg. I'll write more as soon as I have time. I feel kind of bad for neglecting my blog, but... well... not failing just takes precedence sometimes.

Nobody can ever tell me I don't have my priorities straight.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A whole new world... my magic carpet ride revisited

So I was iming a very good friend of mine tonight who I haven't spoken to in a while. Not an uberlong time, but a good amount of weeks. I really enjoy his wit and sense of humor, so it's a pleasure to talk with him when we get the chance.

As I was catching him up on the nitty gritty of life, I told him about Aladdin, from walmart. LoL.

His first reaction was "You're F-ing Sh-ing me!" and after assuring him that it was indeed no hoax, he began to make the various "rub my lamp," "I'm a genie in a bottle, baby" comments. It was all well and hilarious. And the conversation continued to other avenues.

However, as we were nearing the end of our conversation, somehow Mr. Morocco himself was brought up again. Something about creepy guys being not cool. The rest was pretty close to as follows:

Friend: Then it's just creepy.
Me: Like Aladdin...Ewww.
Friend: A whole neeeew woooorld.... A new fantastic point of view....
Me(as Aladdin): From my basement with a web-cam....
Friend: ...Let me share this whole new world with you....
Me: Think of it as Paris... in my trunk....
Friend: Well, you have to admit that sure beats buying real plane tickets...

I was laughing so hard so hard I actually started crying. My friend really did laugh out loud, and I spent the next five minutes trying to recover. Maybe it's not funny to you. Maybe it's one of those things where you had to be there.

But I thought it was freaking great.

I'll never be able to watch that movie the same again.

I think I did HaloScan right this time!!

I think I did it right this time.

Check it out and let me know if it works.....

sanitizing drinking water with bleach or iodine

So I know it's not like I get any regular readers other than Harv and Contagion, but I figure just in case by some fluke accident someone close enough to Katrina victims happens to read this (by some miracle of God) that I should link to it.

So... Harvey of Bad Example posted a quick how to on purifing water for drinking using bleach and iodine. So check it out and see if you can't get it to someone who can use it.

I'm proud to call him grandda! (Well, bloggrandda... but you know what I meant)

mmm... campfire

I'm sitting in my dorm room reading Today's Love Note over at Bad Example, when a sweet, serene smell wafts in from my window... I instantly relax back in my chair and take a deeeeep breath. mmmmmmmmm.... campfire.

Now, this smell is also similiar to that of burning leaves, so it's possible that it's not an actual campfire that I smell, but some sort of burning foliage. But I don't care. To me, it's campfire, and that can mean only one thing... an event. (as in, historical re-enactment/rendezvous.) Ah sweet smokey burning.

They say that scent is the number one trigger for memory. I have to say that I agree. (Of course, I could just be in a sappy mood after reading harv's love note...)

Everytime I smell burning leaves or campfire I relax before my mind even has time to think of why. Then the conscious thought takes over and I relive good memories from past years.
Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure this phenomena happens occasionally to every re-enactor. Allow me to divulge ...

When you get to an event, you're usually clean, in street clothes and you still smell pretty decent (not counting the two hour sweaty car drive where you spilled ketchup on you pants and got McFlurry all over your cup holder because it melted before you could eat it all...) Upon arriving, the smell of burning wood is one of the first things that assails your senses. This is classical conditioning at it's finest folks.

Now, once you get acclimated (aka, you smell so much like smoke yourself you don't notice anymore) you forget that you are still breathing in the smell. You go the whole weekend not noticing that you smell like (as Contagion would say) "funk and ass" and smoke. You have all of these good, happy times smelling like F&A and smoke, and then the weekend is over.

You put your street clothes back on, which now smell like everything else you brought with you (including your underwear that were in your trunk all weekend,) and you return to civilization. When you walk into that Arby's to pick up dinner on the way home, it hits you. You absolutely reek! I'm not talking a mild, unpleasant odor... I'm talking BO from not showering in three days with a strong burnt pine scent floating off your hair.

For days afterwards, everytime you take a shower that smell comes back (not so much the BO, but the burnt pine...) and you just stop for a moment and smile to yourself. Life is good. You wash your event clothes (at least, everyone but Contagion who likes to smell) but they still come out with the faint eau-de-smoke. Then you pack them away in your trunk which smells so much like campfire sometimes during off season you open it up just to take a sniff. (Yes, similiar to a coke addict, I guess...only less damaging and perhaps more embarrassing when you're caught.)

Yes, all of this from one deep inhalation of campfire. It's nice to reminisce sometimes.

So I take another deep breath and ... wait... is that... glass cleaner?! Damn cleaning people have to go an ruin a perfectly good trip into my private little world of thoughts stimulated by smell.

Anyone else got any good smell/good memory links, or am I the only weirdo in the family?

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