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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Busy busy going home!

That's right folks, coming home again. Trying to plan a shower (actually, Ktreva is helping me out a lot with that one... God Bless her because I'm clueless...) get all of my junk together, christmas shopping, etc. Anyways... I've gotta run and get bustin'.

Oh! Contagion, you were absolutely right about most of your comments on the boyfriend. I appreciate you giving me a guys point of view, even if sometimes I don't want to hear it...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Why I love my roommate...

I love my roommate. She is the best roommate anyone could ask for. Let me show you an example of why that is...

Not that anyone really cares about my relationship life, and honestly I don't blame you because I probably am really overdramatizing. I know this and admit to it, but when I'm just really pissed at my boyfriend and I need to vent my roommate is always there for me. (Boyfriend never ever reads this, so I know that it will be okay to vent here and not have to worry about hurting his feelings.)

So, here's what was bothering me...

Since he stopped working at his part-time job at Kmart (which he would work full time over the summer and then transfer to the kmart by school and work part time during the school year. This year he decided to not transfer and not go back to the store at home during the year either to keep his job.) So yeah, since that he's been being obnoxiously stingy about money. Ordering pizza once a month is like pulling teeth (even though we go halves)

Normally, I would understand this if he did't have any money to spend. Here's the kicker though. He's got over 3,500 dollars just sitting around in his bank account and his parents pretty much pay for everything for him. He also refs a couple of intermural sports events every week which is about 20-30 bucks a week. Whereas I have about 200 dollars in my name and I work two jobs to be able to pay for school. And he wants to complain about not being able to afford to order a pizza once a month.

He also complains about not having money.

To which I reply: find a job on campus or ref more games.

To which he replies: I have a job.

To which I reply: Then stop complaining about money or get another one.

Now, why is this important on tonight of all nights, you might ask... Allow me to enlighten you...

He called me when he was on his way walking back to the dorms after class today. This was around 4. He said he wasn't that hungry, I said neither was I, he asked if we should just eat dinner later then, and I said fine. No sense in eating if neither one of us is hungry yet. He says he'll call me back at 5 then and we could eat then. I said sounds good. Now pay attention... this is where it gets sketchy.

Supposedly, between the time he gets off the phone with me and the time he reaches his dorm, one of our friends who I shall call the Alpha Sig (it's our friends frat.) comes up to my boyfriend and asks him if he would like to go to dinner with him later tonight, because he, the Alpha Sig and some of the other Alpha Sigs were going to Poorboy's for dinner.

Rather than call me at the moment and say, "Hey, guess what just happened... would it be okay if I went to dinner with..." which would have been the SMART thing to do, this is what he does. He thinks to himself... well, I told her I was going to call her at 5 so I'll just wait an hour and tell her then.

5 o'clock rolls around and as expected the phone rings. I pick up. We do the usual hey, how's it going, what are you doing, etc. That's when he decided he should drop the bomb.

Him: Alpha Sig asked if I wanted to go to dinner with him tonight...

Now, I'm thinking he meant in the cafeteria and by "I" Alpha Sig meant Boyfriend and I, because I am friends with Alpha Sig and have been longer than Boyfriend and Alpha Sig.

Me: Oh, okay, that's cool.

Him: Yeah, we're going to go to Poorboy's I guess.

Wow... that's really funny. I could have sworn he just said poorboy's, which is a semi-expensive restaurant... wait, he did. This wouldn't have been so bad, but there's a back story to this bit. Yesterday, I slid down some stairs because of the snow making everything wet and slippery. I hurt my hip and ankle pretty bad and after work last night it was still snowing and my foot was swollen. I called boyfriend to ask him if he could take the two minute drive across campus because of my foot and pick me up from work.

He told me that he'd rather not because he didn't trust his car on one of the small hills outside the admissions office. Being diplomatic and trying to make it worth his while other than just being a decent human being I offered to buy taco bell for him because it's practically on the way back to the dorms from where I work on campus. He said he didn't really want to. He would walk partway to meet me, but if I could just walk back he would prefer that and we could just eat in the caf. Sure, whatever I say and I limp back to my room. Add this to the whining last week about ordering a pizza which I mostly paid for and you can see how I might be a little pissed.

Me: (probably not sounding as nice as normal) Well, that's cool. What time are you guys going.

Him: Oh, I guess we're leaving in about 15 minutes. But it should only be an hour and a half or so.

Now I'm thinking... boyfriend and Alpha Sig don't talk much, so when exactly did Alpha Sig ask boyfriend to go to dinner? And since I'm obviously not included in this "them" that Alpha Sig speaks of then who is?

Me: Oh. Well, who's all going?

Him: Alpha Sig, me, some other Alpha Sigs.

Interesting how he is ready to go to dinenr with only one other person that he knows and a bunch of strangers. If you know boyfriend, he's usually pretty shy and uncomfortable around strangers.

Me: so did Alpha Sig call you or something?

Him: No, he asked me when I was walking back from class.

Me: Oh. Well, why didn't you just tell me earlier then.

Him: Because it was after I got done talking to you, and I had to call you at five anyways, so I thought I would just tell you then.

Is this not the dumbest logic you've ever heard?

Silence for a few seconds. Now I'm thinking about what I know about the Alpha Sigs... they are drunks all of them. I've seen the Alpha Sig come back from parties and throw up over everyone and not remember in the morning... I also knew him last year before he pledged and he wasn't like that. Obviously, I don't exactly relish in the fact that boyfriend is going to go hang out with them under these dubious circumstances.

Me: (definitely sounding pissed off this time, but trying to be understanding and look at it from his point of view) Well, I hope you have a good time then.

Him: So, it's okay then?

Me: Sure. Fine. I'll talk to you later.

Him: Well, do you still want to watch a movie later?

Hell No! We were supposed to spend time together tonight because we haven't been able to all week. We were supposed to eat and go to the movie on campus and then hang out. I don't want your little consolation gift you fat jerk!

Me: I don't know. I don't want to be up too late because I have to work at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

Him: Okay. Well, do you want me to call you later?

Me: Fine. I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Him: Okay, well I love you.

Me: yeah, love you too. Bye.

Him: Alright, bye.

And I hung up as soon as I could without cutting him off, fuming. I'm seriously contemplating just telling him I don't want to talk to him for a long, long time. I'm thinking about maybe ever.I turned to my beloved roomie and said: Don't ever, ever get a boyfriend.

She looked at me, having only heard my half of the conversation and said, "I'll kill him. What did he do?" Then patiently listened to me tell the entire story above without interruption until the end when she said:

"Just tell me when and how. I'll make sure not to leave a mess."

That's why I love my roommate :-) She always knows how to make me feel better. We think maybe we should just become lesbian lovers and never have to deal with guys again... It would be quite convenient, since we're already roommates ;-)

j/k... a little.

Faculty Quotes of the day...

"Nothing is so useful in life as knowing how to get rid of people"
~Jason Peters, Professor of English, Augustana College 12/9/2005

Said in the context of speaking of how to defend to your uncle your choice of becoming an English major when he suggests that carpentry might be a better trade to pursue. To paraphrase Peters, you could say that Thomas Jefferson made money by writing and in his autobiography he says that we should model ourselves after him. Since I think that he's a hell of a lot smarter than you are, I think I'm just going to take his advice instead. Thus, effectively getting rid of the unwanted relative. That's one valuable skill you learn as an English major. You know really good ways of getting rid of unwanted persons easily and in most situations... like those drunks at frat parties who think they become geniuses when they are inebriated.

"Vote the bastard out!"
~Karin Youngberg,Professor of English, Augustana College 12/9/05

Said in the context of a discussion of Richard III and divine right in regards to the Tudor Myth. The question was what could you do in the time period if you had a bad leader when it was, to someone of the period, obviously some sort of punishment from God. She replied, "If it were us, we'd just say 'Vote the bastard out! But for them, that would be impossible" Not only could you not go against the divine right, but it would almost be a challenge to God to suppose to know who should rule and who should not.

Do we have cool faculty or what?

Contagion tagged me so I guess I must comply or face his wrath!

Alrighty.... so I babysit for the guy and this is all the thanks I get! I get tagged by a MEME. It's okay though, I forgive you Contagion, but only because Clone behaved and deep down I know that you're actually a nice guy :-) (Contrary to what you're always trying to get people to believe...)

So here it is folks:
1. Do you use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning?

I actually use the alarm clock on my cell phone... does that count? Since I'm in the dorm and my bed is bunked a real alarm clock would force me to actually get up and out of bed in the morning instead of being able to conveniently shut it off and go back to sleep for 20.

2. What time do you set it for?
Usually 7, or 7:05. Depends on what time I have class or what time I need to be to my middle school to observe. Some morning 6:30 (gasp) because of special clinical meetings. Talk about suck!

3. Do you hit the snooze button? If so how many times?
Too complicated for a cell phone. If you allow a snooze it goes off every five minutes. That interrupts my extra sleep.

4. Have you ever abused an alarm clock?
What do you think I am , a heathen?! I set the damn thing... I can't very well get angry when it goes off now can I?

5. It’s time to spread some “It’s Blogcess” linky love.This isn't a question. Does it actually count?
Rules of the game, so I have been told: (I copied all of this from Contagion, though.. so...)

First: Copy and paste #1 - #5 (Make sure to link to: “It’s Blogcess”, which is the link in #5. Because it’s always polite to link to the one who started the linky love.)
Second: Link to my site (because it’s polite to link to the site that tagged you).
Third: Go and tag up to five other blogs, or more if ya like.
Fourth: Email the owner of, or post on the blogs that you have tagged, to inform them that you’ve tagged them.

I'm deciding not to tag anyone though, because, well, I don't really know who to tag and who is likely to seek retribution. I'll wait for a few more before I start doing that I think.

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