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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Whew! 6th grade is rough!

I had clinicals today (where I go out into the schools and am paired with a veteran teacher so that I can get real life practice before I start teaching.)

Right now I'm in a 6th grade classroom in Iowa. Today, I taught my first lesson at this school. I taught three classes the concept of "adjective."

It actually went surprisingly well. The first class has about 30 students in it, so that was harsh. Especially since we were going group work and had to move around the room in stations. It was a tight squeeze, but it turned out okay.

The second and third classes had 12 and 13 students respectively.

This was heaven. The group activities went super smooth and the kids were relating to me about stuff. I wore my pink chuck taylors to use as an example about how adjectives help us identify which one, because if I just said I wore my shoes today and I have more than one pair of shoes they wouldn't know which ones I meant. But if I said I wore my pink shoes then it would give them a clearer picture.

They were actually wishing that the class period was longer so we could do more of the stuff I had planned. Boy if that doesn't give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside :-)

All things considered, I'm ready to teach them again next thursday... comparative and superlatives here we come!

Monday, January 23, 2006

But what exactly IS weird...?

You Are 30% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...But sometimes you scare yourself.

via Sarah of That's Not Very Nice!

A little help here?

I'm trying to convince Chastity, my real life best friend and re-enacting sister to start a blog.

I mean, c'mon. Once she pops that bun out the over what's she really going to be doing with her time? (That was a joke... I know babies are trouble, but still...)

But, we're having some trouble coming up with a blog title for her. She told me if I could come up with one that she likes she'd do it. So, everyone that knows Chastity, think of some good blog titles so I can give her a good selection. :-)

This just made me laugh... not in that ha ha funny kind of way, more in that oh, that is sooo sad kind of way

I read this post at Bodhran Roll Please! and just shook my head in that resigned "this is what the world has come to" kind of way. It really makes me wish I had worn leiderhosen to school to celebrate my swiss heritage or something... I would at Augie, but since we're a hugely scandanavian school I don't think it'd make quite the same impact.

However, the irony just struck me to the core.

Wes would be proud of me...

So, I've gotten the checks in for my birthday now. Usually I use them to pay tuition or make payments on my credit card that I use to purchase books.

This year, I decided... you know what. I want to actually buy something for my birthday. I know it was last week, but what the hell. Live dangerously for a change Virtue!

So... after contemplating what I should buy I came up with two things that I really want that I would actually use...

1) a pair of ballroom shoes

2) a bodhran (Irish drum)

I sat down and thought about the pros and cons of each item.

Ballroom shoes- Well, I've already got character shoes which I dance in right now and for the most part they work alright. Slippery sometimes, but danceable. Ballroom shoes do have a suede sole rather than the patent leather sole my current shoes have. They would probably be prettier too.

Bodhran- I haven't been able to play since I gave my loaner from Wes at Bodhran(drum) roll please! back. He taught me everything I remember and everything I've forgotten too! If I had a bodhran, I could practice, and then take it to Ireland with me. I could also really irritate all of the drunk whores on my floor by practicing really early Sunday morning before church when they've only had like, three hours of sleep... hmm....

So, I bought a bodhran. It was a pretty cheap one (about 40 on sale) but I'm not that good, so I didn't splurge too much. Now I'm just waiting for it to come in so I can play it! I'm pretty excited because ever since he taught me to play I've wanted to buy one of my own, so I finally just got off my arse and did it!

My roommate Fletch is a percussionist, so we want to get a drum circle that meets every two weeks or so started to jam out to since we have a hand drumming group on campus.

Anyway, I thought of Wes when I bought it and how he'd be damned disappointed if I picked the ballroom shoes over the bodhran.

It made me remember that I've got his leine still too. I'm trying to design a knotwork with his initials to embroider on it (since I've had it for like, five years now. Talk about me procrastinating, right?) so I plan on embroidering it during our habitat spring break trip and dropping it off to his house the next time I'm in town.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thought I would have ranked higher...

Apparently I'm only a level three nerd... strange... I thought I definately would have ranked higher...

href="" target="_blank">

How I spent my weekend... part one:Virtue's brush with death

Okay, so I had to run to Rockford to get some stuff from home (mainly my new cell phone and some props for a benefit performance.)

Friday, after class, I got my backpack in order with a change of clothes, homework that I knew I would never even look at, and my old phone and charger. It started snowing. No biggie.

I was driving McGuyver Guy's car (he was in the passenger seat) and had Fletch(my roommate) and Fernando (a male friend) in the car with us because we were giving them a ride to Rockford so they could hook up with their family for the weekend.

As we started driving the snow started getting worse and worse. The plows weren't out yet and it was starting to come down pretty thick. For about 45 minutes we were going 10 miles per hour on the highway because I couldn't see more than two feet in front of me. During this time I was also heading a caravan of about 25 vehicles behind me who were following my tire lines. (Minus the occasional you know what who had four wheel drive so thought they could go 50 and it's okay.)

Now my back was permanently hunched from trying to see where the road was at and there was a layer of ice formed over the headlights, so they weren't helping very much at this point. Many were pulling off onto the exits to wait it out, but I decided that we would continue on.

After a while, it cleared up a bit. The roads were a little clearer and I could see tail-lights of a car in the distance. I saw that we were coming up on a bridge. I let off the gas and just let the car coast. We were probably going about 40 and decelerating. About 20-30 feet onto the bridge I felt the back end of the car start to fishtail. I turned the wheel gently in the proper direction, not trying to correct it, just getting traction. I felt the tires catch and I began to straighten us out when about 10 feet later we started to fishtail in the other direction... fast. I tried to turn the wheel the other way now to get the needed traction and then....

The car stalled out. Which probably wasn't a bad thing at that point. Because now we were spinning backwards. I turned to look over my right shoulder and out the back window. We were about halfway across the bridge at this point and in the middle of both lanes going backwards into the concrete walls of the bridge.

Alright, I thought, I can do this. It's just lack backing up in my alley after snow.

I shifted the wheel a little bit and felt them catch. I pressed lightly on the brake and we started slowing down. I looked over my shoulder again and saw us approaching the concrete wall and pressed a little harder, hoping it wasn't going to make us spin out again. Luckily, it didn't.

The car stopped, perpendicular to the median. Well, that wasn't so bad. I look to my right out of the passenger side window and see what's left of the caravan from earlier about 90 seconds off from hitting us.

At this point, McGuyver guy's shock had worn off and he was going into panic.

"Um, guys, we need to get out of the car... now!" He started taking his seat belt off and opening the door.

I'm thinking to myself... We're in the middle of a blizzard on a bridge with no pedestrian walk and you're going to get out and go... where?

I told him to just hold on. The car had stalled, if he just gave me 10 seconds I could get it started and we would be fine. I turned the key but the car didn't start. He was really starting to panic now. I checked and saw that the car was still in drive... duh, I should have checked that first. So I put us in park and then proceeded to successfully start the car and turn us around to continue across the bridge. The entire episode probably took all of 45 seconds and we were back on the road to Rock-Town.

After we had been driving for a minute or two, I realized something:

I didn't freak out at all during the entire spin out.

I didn't panic, I didn't freeze, I didn't slam on the break. In fact, I kept my head about me fairly well. I handled the situation to the best of my abilities and didn't cry and pee my pants like a pansy.

I learned something about myself on Friday. I can face a crisis and respond quickly, intelligently, and not freak out. And I think I respect myself a little bit more because of it.

Of course, I'm sure there was a little bit of divine guidance/intervention... because if a semi would have been behind us we would have been shredded like iceberg lettuce on a taco.

Whiteboard of the Week: To Fletch

To my roommate upon returning from a weekend home:

Without you, my life was as empty as a keg after a frat party.
~me. That's right. I made that up all on my own.

Welcome back Fletch!

Friday, January 20, 2006

I got MEMEd by my mom...

So, Ktreva tagged me with a MEME. It was bound to happen eventually. Here it is:

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
I was a waitress/cook/delivery driver at pizza hut

I work at Kohls

I work for the admissions office as a student ambassador

I work in the Dean of Students office as a work mule, I mean student assistant.

Four Movies I could watch over and over and have:

Phantom of the Opera

the King and I

Little Women

Last of the Mohicans

Places I’ve Lived:

Rockford, Illinois (for most of my life and the summers...)

Rock Island, Illinois (During the school year...)

Four TV Shows I love to watch:

I don't really watch a lot of TV, but I do like to watch these occasionally.

Dancing with the Stars

Grey's Anatomy


Four Places I’ve been on Vacation:


New Mexico



Don't judge me...

Four Websites I visit Daily:

Augie Webmail

Various Blogs


Four Favorite Foods:



Steak and Rice

Chicken Nuggets

Four Places I’d rather be:

Asleep in my bed


Re-enacting (UPDATE: crap... looks like I stole that one from Contagion...)


Four people I’m passing this onto:

Basically everyone I know who it's ok to pass this too either has done it already, or is "legally deceased" so I guess I'm not passing it to anyone... is that okay or am I breaking some unwritten code of meme conduct with this?

Oh well... can't win them all.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wow... I can't wait to have an orgasm...

I found this quote from Anais Nin and found it, well, interesting. I think it's going to go on our DDR shirts for school...

"Electric flesh arrows... traversing the body. A rainbow of color strikes the eyelids. A foam of music falls over the ears. It is the gong of the orgasm." From The Diaries of Anais Nin.

This beats the mannequin fetish I think.

PS My mannequin got her boobs put on yesterday. All I have to do is add the cover and she's ready to be used for making clothes!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm not an asexual spore anymore!

Hooray! Now that Ktreva has a blog she had agreed to allow me to call her blogmama so I'm not just Contagion's byproduct by asexual reproduction! (No offense, or anything... Contagion's a great blog dad, it's just *sniff* now I feel like a real boy, um, I mean girl.)

This is such a happy day!

Guess who's 20?

Okay. So I'm 20. I figured that was post worthy.

Do I feel different? Not really.

Do other people see me differently. Not really.

Did I die? hmm... nope. Still have a pulse.

I did have a rather interesting day that started at 6:45 this morning however.

The phone in my room rang. Many, many times. It just kept ringing. I sleep with my bed lofted and Fletch sleeps with hers not lofted, so she got the phone. Then she does the weirdest thing by handing it to me.

I groggily say hello and am awakened by a "HAAAAPPPYY BIIIIRRRRTHHHDAYYY!"

It was my dad. Now, this is really sweet that they would like to be the first people to wish me a happy birthday (and I admit, he did this last year when I was away as well, so I should have expected it ) I just think it would be polite of them to wait until I am actually awake on my own.

At least my mother has talked him out of calling at 12:01. Actually, this may not be such a bad thought, since at least then I'm still up and haven't passed out into a sleep coma yet... I'll have to talk with them about this.

I believe his next words were:

"You're 20... you're old...that means you're going to die soon... Happy's your mother..." I was pretty tired though, so I could have misheard.

Although, I've finally figured out why he intentionally wakes me up to harass me on my birthday...

According to an article in this month's TIME magazine for the first 10 minutes when you're awake most people experience symptoms similiar to that of being legally intoxicated... so he waits for me to be incoherent and clumsy to make fun of me so I cannot defend myself! Doh!

Well, I'm going to get ready for Tango class! Yea! So have a great evening everyone!

Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm going to Ireland! (maybe) YAY! (and I bought a mannequin)

So... I just got back from a foreign term meeting to go to..... that's right! Ireland!

I am super excited.

We'll be going next spring, and the trip can take 32 students. Since I have senior credit standing even though technically I'm only a sophomore and I have a nice gpa I'll probably have a really good shot of going!

I have to fill out the app and turn it in by April 1 (kind of a funny day to turn in an app. I thought) and then give them a $500 deposit. I'm not sure where that's going to come from yet (out of my butt probably!) but I am so excited about this trip that I will make it happen. I will work so many extra hours at work and baby sit so many kids people won't know what hit them!

This week is definately starting off on a better foot than last week!


I purchased a mannequin over the weekend! That's right, my very own foam mannequin on a stand. Very similiar to a dress form only with unrealistic measurements. So I bought some batting and stuffing and fabric from walmart to make my mannequin the same size as me! That way I can use it when I make costumes! I named her Sharon and she's really starting to fill out! I'll keep you updated on that as it goes.

Also, Also:

Apparently my parents bought us new phones (so now I have a flip LD walkie talkie phone) so if anyone tried to call my cell and it wierded out on you that's probably why.) Now I have to come home this friday night to pick my phone up plus a couple of other things I need for school and spring break. Then I'll probably come back to school saturday afternoon so I can go dancing saturday night. We'll see. I may decide to stay the whole weekend. Anyway...

What a great Monday!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm turning twenty on wednesday...

So I'm excited because this Wednesday I am starting dance lessons. For January, it's going to be Tango!

The instructor I danced with from the lesson at the dance last night (in my last post) is going to be teaching the lessons so I'm pretty excited.

I'm also going to be 20 on Wednesday. Now that's scary.

I have to say that I'm feeling my mortality creeping up on me. It comes in the vision of Death carrying a baseball bat saying "almost there, not quite, two more steps... Got her!"

I think because my grandfather died when I was very young, but old enough to have vivid memories of the experience I've always had this feeling that death was never very far away. I could die at any moment and I wouldn't even know. I know that sounds very fatalistic and morbid, but I think it's true.

I'm not an unhappy person. Quite the opposite. But I think a lot of that happiness comes from the fact that I anticipate death every day. I know I won't be here forever, but I want to get the most out of the time I have. When I was younger I thought that I would be one of those people to die before they hit 25. I'm not sure why, I just did.

I don't think I'm neccessarily going to die before 25 now, because, let's face it: I haven't even started on my magnum opus. But I think it's important to have at least an inkling of our own mortality. I think also that by keeping that in mind you are more likely to treasure what you do have than to complain about or resent what you don't.

Alright, enough of that deep thought talk stuff. I'm going to lunch. I'll probably have to write another post explaining what I meant in this post because it's incoherent and I'm hungry, so it'll just have to wait 'til later.

What a night!

So I just got out of the shower and I think I'm waking up finally. I'm hungry, my legs and arms are sore, and if I didn't know that I had too much stuff to do today I would probably say forget it and go back to sleep. (And no, I'm not hung over.)

We went out dancing last night. It was, as usual, Awesome! It was a real crush (there were a lot of people in a space designed for not so many people) for the first half, so I got to practice my "don't let your partner run backwards into something even though you're the girl" skills. (I didn't do too badly.) And I learned how to dance in close quarters, which is always useful.

We had about 10 people from school come and dance, which was sooooo cool! (Thank you to everyone who came with) Some of them left early, but I can understand. For a beginner it's intimidating to have to think about your feet, the moves, and not hitting other people every five seconds all of the time. It was also really hot in there. But I'm glad that they came for at least part of the time and I hope they all had fun.

I stayed for the whole night and had a couple of different partners. ( I usually don't come with a partner since McGuyver Guy doesn't dance and doesn't want to learn. That's cool though.) There was an instructor who is really good that danced with me for the lesson, and then for a few dances later, then I danced with some other gentlemen throughout.

There was one minorly embarrassing moment when my friend and I were both standing up to go dance and a younger guy came over to solicit a dance. He made eye contact with both of us and looked between the two of us and said "Would you like to dance?"

Now, my friend and I were kind of confused as to which person he was asking. I thought he was asking my friend and vice versa. She asks me "Do you want to dance?" and I say "I think he was asking you, you go ahead" and he is just looking at us not helping the situation. It was pretty ackward and I hope he really was asking her to dance, but no one else at our table could say for sure either, so ...

We did have a good laugh about it later in the car.

So, now I just have to wait for Wednesday until I can dance again. Until then I should probably write a post or so more and clean my room.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blonde Joke... yeah, yeah, I know... I'm a blonde... I'm going to hell

Okay, so I was doing my sporadic daily visit over at Bad Example and Harvey had the funniest blonde joke up. Now, as I am a blonde myself I was at first torn over whether to post on it or not, but I find I cannot help myself.

We've got to be able to laugh at ourselves before we can laugh at everyone else, right?

So head over and see the blonde joke.

(I'm such a bad person.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Why I love Contagion... (that's right, now I know you want to read this...)

So I got online today and went to check out Contagion at Miasmatic Review. Since he made my day by the comment he left in my Stuff, stuff... post, I thought I would at least attempt to return the favor.

On that note, since he had a bad day I thought I would try and cheer him up!

Why I love Contagion:

Reason 1:

Although he can be gruff at times, I can always count on an honest opinion from him. For example, one time at an event when I asked "Why can't I be abducted by the Indians, too?" He candidly responded:

"Well, because they already have two pretty girls for that..."

Now, this was a way of gently letting me down so that my hopes were not completely crushed while also telling me kindly that I was just not pretty enough to be abducted by Indians during the woods walk. What more could a girl ask of a blog-dad?

Reason B:

Who else would lend me cast iron, let me borrow his fly, and then drive me all over town to get a carriage bolt and washer and wing nut in a size that the store didn't sell, and still give me a ride back to the campsite? Contagion did. And he even wrote a blog entry about my mental breakdown in the store! That, folks, is love.

Reason III sec. 2. line 4. item 1:

Okay, this is probably the biggest one, and I know it's going to be sappy, so Contagion you don't have to read it if you don't want to...

He just made my day today.

I've been having one of those "everything is going wrong wednesdays" that started with my having to get up at 6 am this morning after four hours of sleep. I went to a pointless meeting with my clincials director and then had to suffer through straight classes until 4 o'clock. Plus, my stomach has been ready to heave itself out of my throat all day. (I still can't figure out who got me sick.) It was rough to say the least. Then I go to dinner... and they have absolute crap to eat. Like it could get any worse.

I come back to my room, and flick the computer on. I should check my blog, I say to myself. I see that I have a new comment! Joy! (I love getting comments :-)

I knew it had to be Contagion or Harvey, so I quickly click the link and wait excitedly while it takes 2 nanos to load. It's from Contagion! I knew he couldn't resist the line about showering hot and sweaty with Fletch!

Then I read it. And re-read it. And read it once more for good measure... it wasn't the "this whole post went straight into the gutter of my mind" line... I was expecting that... It was the

"... you are pretty enough as it is, nothing you do will change that."

I cannot even tell you how much this has made me smile! (He's probably going to shoot me for saying this, because we all know how much he wants us to think he doesn't have a heart!) I have been just walking around happy all day because of it. When I went to work out, I had just a feeling of, you know what? He's right. I am pretty and it doesn't matter if I lose weight or not.

Such simple things you can say, but they can mean so much... and he happens to say them when you least expect it and are in the most need, even if you don't realize it until afterwards.

So, my friends, that is why I love Contagion.

I hope your day at work is better tomorrow :-)

Quote of the Day

So here's me, who's not that into American Lit. but I have to take the class for my major, and now that we're to the Romantics it's really not that bad. Anyway...

Today in my class, we were discussing Emmerson's "Self Reliance" which basically tells us all that we shouldn't be consistent and conformists. Now, I like the don't conform part. I think it's a big part of societal norms to conform to be part of the "in" group. Just look at Frats. (which by the way, McGuyver Guy is thinking about pledging for a frat this spring. I read him half the freakin' essay on not conforming and being your own person and I think it just went whoosh right over his head.

Back to the quote. So we were talking about the part of the essay where Emmerson says that by the invention of the coach we have lost the use of our feet. So everything we gain, we lose something like it's counterpart. This has a sort of balance of the universe feel, so I think I buy it. This got the class onto the topic people who use elevators to go down/up one floor and how lazy we are becoming as a society. We drive two blocks to go to the gym and use the treadmill. We take the elevator from the fifth to fourteenth floor to use the stairclimber. It's bazaar.

We are a society that makes a button for everything.

So to help us get a handle on all of this insightful discourse, Dr. Peters makes a prediction to the class. I thought it was funny at the same time as sad and on some level profound at the underlying truth of it. So said in the context of telling us how we have replaced/continue to replace so much by pushing buttoms, he feels that...

"...We're going to be a nation of skinny fingers and fat asses..."

I think it's at least something worth thinking about.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff...

Sometimes I could just shoot myself for becoming an English Ed. Major and wanting to finish it in under three years... What was I thinking?

On a brighter note: I haven't shot myself yet! Hooray!

This week marks the 5th week of our winter term aka midterms and I am really really thinking about cracking under the pressure. I know I sound like a whiney baby, but if it weren't for Fletch (my roommate) I would probably be even more insane than I was before. I'm in a 6th grade classroom for clinicals this term and I have a teacher in service next week. I also have to get up at 6 tomorrow morning...

Look, for you folks with good old jobs that's probably not that big of a stretch... for me 6AM=Death by slow poison. I am missing some work this week because I have too much homework and my only reprieve is this Saturday when we're going out dancing. Almost everything major will be done by then so I won't have so much to stress about.

On the bright side... I have a really good shot at studying in Ireland next spring and I am uber excited about that! Also, Fletch and I started working out together. Today was week two day two and our goal is to be hot and 20 lbs lighter by May.

I know, I know... Virtue... how could you possibly get any hotter you say... (well, at least let me pretend that that's what you would say. Please? Help a sister out...) But I say to you that there is always room for improvement.

Besides. I want to have more stamina.

Anyway... I'm hot and sweaty because we just got done so Fletch and I are going to go take a shower now. And I'm just going to let you take that how you will you dirty, dirty, people.

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