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Friday, March 31, 2006


So... um, yeah... I'm actually alive and stuff. Contrary to popular belief. I've been seriously lacking in my posting though. I have a huge course load this term as well as clincial observations where I teach in a classroom two days a week. I really feel like dying might be a better alternative.

a quick update on everything:

the new boy toy is working out fairly well.... I think I'll keep him for a while longer :-)

The old boy toy is turning out to be almost more trouble than he's worth... *cue stereotypical post-break-up question* How on earth did we ever get along before and why in the world did we go out in the first place?

I have mono!!! Hooray! (This is actually a large part of my blog-o-sphere absence... I've been sleeping over 14 hours a day... These past couple of weeks have flown by!)

I'm two novels behind and I think I may be losing my mind... or maybe I'm one of those people who think they are insane but really end up being like, some crazy super genius who's going to take over the world!........ mwuahahaHAHahahah!


Anywho... MACTOWN (re-enactment) is APRIL 29th! Wooo Hooo! and Chastity's gettin' murried too! (it makes me feel old and stuff!) so, yeah... I'm alive and I'm going to try and post but I can't make any guarantees. At least until I fully recover from mono.

(I guess that means no making out with you guys for a while... or girls for that matter... HAHA. Just kidding. Sickos...)

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