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Thursday, April 13, 2006


I am officially accepted for IRELAND term next spring!!!!

11 weeks in the big green isle is so mine! Mwuahahhahaha!

But seriously... I am super excited that I was accepted and am stoked and already planning what I want to do when I'm not in classes. So, I know a lot of you are going to miss me next year... haha.. yea right... but I promise to bring everyone back a souvenir, so start giving me ideas so I can make a list!

oh yea... did I say that I'm going to be in IRELAND this time next year!?

lol.... on a bad note... I'm basically broke now because we had a 500 dollar deposit to hold our spot on the trip... but it's okay, cuz i'll work 12 jobs over the summer... so if anyone needs a babysitter, house cleaner, or knows any place hiring for the summer I have an AA and I'm almost done with my BA in language arts education... but honestly a secretary or anything that has good hours with decent pay is great!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The New Boy Toy

Okay, so at Ktreva's comment on my last post about not filling in I'm prompted to write about the new boy toy *ahem* i mean boyfriend...

I will affectionately refer to him as Love Muffin (Muffin for short...) and you probably really don't want to ask why I call him that because it's a long boring story that only myself and the thirty other people who attended a certain live performance on campus would understand/find humourous at all...

So, Love Muffin was previously referred to as choir boy in an earlier post where we were supposed to have a psuedo date at the DQ. We ended up hanging out all day and having a blast. Then I went on spring break, and we talked on the phone a bit while I was in WV.

When I got back, I needed to come home for my job but I didn't have a car, so he came to pick me up from school, brought me a rose and drove me home. Aww.... how cute. We hung out again over the weekend and really clicked, so now we're dating etc.

He's a pretty groovy kid and personality wise is a lot more compatable with me than McGuyver Guy was (although we're still friends... though he's a pain in my arse a lot of the time...)

We went to the movies and had about 30 minutes to kill so we went into the arcade and played street fighter two! WOW! I haven't had so much fun in forever! He beat the crap out of me kind of (I killed him once or twice) but it was so much fun. He's a gentleman and drove like, 25 minutes to get me beef a roo because I had a craving. lol... now that's nice!

Basically, long story short... he's cool, I like him, my parents like him, and he likes me, and things are going nicely right now (aside from the 2hr away thing and him having 18 credit hours and a job along with my crazy schedule... but oh well...)

Alrighty... I've really got to go finish my homework, because I'm still two days behind due to mono...

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

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