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Friday, January 25, 2008

22 annuals and other things...

So... I recently turned 22 years old. Last Friday was the actual day of my doom to be precise.

You know, it actually does feel a little bit different when I sit down and think, yes. I am 22. I have been of age to consume adult beverages for a year now. I have pretty much nothing else to look forward to. There are no real "coming of age" years headed my way anytime soon.

All that is left is flat out life friends. And you know what? It's not that bad I guess.

My job is going well, life in general is going well, I really couldn't ask for more.

Well, except for maybe fewer students per class. That would be soooo sweet! *sigh* oh, well...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eerie fortune cookies

The General and I have long been claiming that essentially we are really the same person. We're not sure how this happened, or even why. The fact is that aside from our biological sex and one nut allergy (his, not mine...(wait a minute... out of the gutter kids!)) we really do have a buttload in common.

Today, for lunch we went to a lovely little hole in the wall chinese buffet. Now, I delicately dogged my honey chicken and rice as The General tentatively checked unidentified foods for the possible presence of any nut product. After both eating our fill, the server brought our check and fortune cookies by the table.

They say it is bad luck for you to pick your own fortune. I have a few problems with this because even if you are the person handing out the fortune cookies you are still basically deciding which one will be yours by delegating them to everyone else. Especially when there are only two of you at lunch... whichever one you do not pick for the other person you will have, in a roundabout way, picked for yourself.

Anyhow, The General grabs one and I take the other. We crack them open and would you believe it? I read mine out loud and he just starts laughing. What's so funny? It wasn't that bad of a fortune, right? Something about success and yeah, yeah, we all know to add "in bed." Really, you could add any prepositional phrase to the end of a fortune cookie to make it funny. For example, if a fortune is "You will come into great amounts of wealth" you could just as easily say "in the fridge" as you could say in bed. You sickies just decided to be perverted enough to choose in bed because of your dubious morals and base sense of humor. I know what's up.

Well, to get to the point... lo, and behold, The General and I had exactly the same fortune on our small little strips of paper. The interesting thing was that our lucky numbers and "learn Chinese" portions happened to be different. Thus, I am submitting this into evidence as further proof of our being the same person, minus the aforementioned two items. And now the lucky numbers and learn Chinese portion of our fortunes.


D&D is back baby!

Well, to help me get out of my recent funk (it happens sometimes *shrug*) The General has decided to DM a campaign. Sunday was our first gathering.

Needless to say, man have I missed gaming! Granted, as of right now this is only a every other Sunday occurance. Enough to basically get a fix and hold us over 'til next time. But for now that is enough. I happen to be running a female half-elf lawful good Paladin named Aly who is rocking it out as an aspirant of the Knights of the Road in a kingdom where Elves pretty much are hated as much French people are in the United States... yea, I live dangerously.

There should be many grand (and hilarious) adventures to come.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

And the carousel of life still spins

Well, finals are here, term papers have been turned in (not yet graded, but at least we are done with the process), and my personal life has had better moments.

If there is one thing that I've learned in my near 22 years on this planet we call Earth, it is this: Life waits on no one. It is like at the carnival, when you are on the carousel. You are riding up and down on your little sparkle mount, when right in the middle of the ride something awful happens: your horse stops moving. What do you do? You can't just yell down to the Carny running the ride, "Excuse me sir! This horse is stuck. Could you please stop the ride so I can get onto a different one!" The Carny would simply laugh at you, if he even bothered to respond at all. He would just sit at the controls and keep the ride moving.

Life is much the same. It doesn't matter how bad things get or how much money you have... She does not discriminate by gender, race, or ethnicity. She does not hesitate for us to collect ourselves. She simply continues on, oblivious to the fact that we have not.

It's humbling, really. The human race, being as egocentric as we are, tends to believe that Life should pause for us, grieve with us, take mercy on us... But She is cold and turns a deaf ear to our pleas as she passes us by, the beautiful visage of one who has never worried or loved; smiled or cried.

Here we are, the stains of tears, the smile lines, the broken hearts, and a broken horse. She has left us with nothing to do but to finish the ride... because no matter the reason our horse has stalled, the carousel of life still spins.

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