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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Grown up things....

Well, I went out today on a mission: to buy a bookshelf.

I own quite the number of novels, reference works, picture books, etc... Part of being an English major I guess (and English teacher!). I was also going to check out some beds and such. I've been sleeping on a futon since I got home. Now, I got a new futon mattress that helped increase the comfort level, but a futon is a futon.

I returned home the proud owner of a brand new (on sale) bedroom set. Complete with a classic Queen-sized Cherry Sleigh Bed, Dressor and Mirror, and 5 drawer chest. Don't forget the amazing real pillow top mattress and boxspring.

It felt almost like when I bought my car. lol. I was thinking to myself, wow... this is such a grown up purchase. I'm spending a lot of money. I know it's an investment. I can take this set with me to my future home. It came with things like warranties. That's good.

Yet, at the same time I was thinking to myself: wow... this is such a grown up purchase. Am I ready to really be a grown up? I'm doing okay at it so far, right? I have a career, I make my car payments, I pay my bills, I take care of my own needs... I actually even take care of other people's needs. That's rather grown up. Am I doing this alright? It's not like you can make the dean's list at being grown up really... no report cards that come in the mail telling you how you are doing at life.

I just hope I'm not going to blow it. I want to do this life right. It's the only one I've got.


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